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  • PREVU® Is One Cool Gartner™ Vendor

    "Based on Monte Carlo simulation and game theory, PREVU® also uses data mining and analytics from existing project data to forecast forward - thus learning from empirical evidence, which we view as very cool." - Gartner™

  • SMART Cloud-based Project Portfolio Management

    PREVU® is cloud-based, allowing you to focus on your planning processes quickly, rather than large system implementations.

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  • Embrace Employee Talent

    Go beyond the job title and apply your team's diverse skills where it makes the most sense.

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  • SMART Project Portfolio Management

    Use more data and insights, rather than intuition, because planning doesn't have to be hard.

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SMART PPM is Not Just a Toolkit – It Gets Real Results

Strategic deployment of your Strengths will improve your Skills and Portfolios.

Measure your performance. Improve your organization through solid investments and great reporting.

Analytics can take your data to a new level using sophisticated modeling.

Use your Resources wisely.
Make sure your people and finances support your bottom line.

Time can’t be bought, use it wisely. Let our SMART system do the hard work.

Who Can Benefit From PREVU®?

Project Management

Work proactively to create efficiencies and make strategic decisions on project timelines while staying within budget.


Take control of your business by ensuring that your people are working on the right things at the right time, while staying on top of budgets, estimates, and projects – all from one cloud-based dashboard.

Financial Planning

Maximize revenue and increase accuracy when estimating new projects and forecasting future growth.

The Benefits of PREVU®

Resource Management

Take advantage of our interactive resource capacity chart to effectively track workloads, vacation time, or training hours for individual team members. Know your resource skills and abilities to best plan for projects coming down the pipeline. Quickly detect and correct potential scheduling conflicts to keep projects on track.

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Project Planning

Strategically plan for and manage each project through capturing individual project risk, alignment to both portfolio and business goals, and overall organizational benefit. Keep an eye on what’s going on with a project’s budget, resources, and targets… all in a single view.

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Dashboards & Analytics

PREVU®’s dashboards offer users a consolidated view of all project portfolios for monitoring key performance indicators. Shift focus between graphs and grids to obtain a clear understanding of project data that makes sense for you. Dashboards can be customized for any role from the executive level to the resource planners, financial managers, resources, and every role in between.

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Roadmap Optimizer

View your teams at a glance, including the projects assigned to them. Easily drag and drop projects on a virtual whiteboard to different timelines and create a project mix that works for your capacity. Create multiple mixes, then collaborate with team members, portfolio planners, and other teams to find the best mix of work, before you commit the roadmap plan to your portfolio. Alternatively, set your project priority and probability and let your projects RACE! for the best outcome.

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Skills Matrix

Create and maintain an inventory of your team’s talents and interests. Maximize the use of your existing resources while improving project efficiency and employee morale at the same time. Gain visibility into your resource’s professional goals to assign work that they will be interested in and perform with the needed depth of knowledge and focus.

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Learn How PREVU Can Help Your Business Plan SMARTer

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